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September 2010


   Nightmare Before Christmas 'Active Label' Deluxe Figures [Jun Planning]


   Gundam Model Kits September 2010 [Bandai]


   Gundam Trading Figure Collections [Bandai]




August 2010


   Nightmare Before Christmas 'The Cut' Dioramas [Jun Planning]


   Dive Bomber Collection [Cafe Reo]


   Donald Duck & Friends Figure Collection [F-Toys]




July 2010


   Star Wars Vehicle Collection 03 [F-Toys]


   Alice in Wonderland Figure Collections [Furuta]


   Disney Cars Collection [F-Toys]


   TinkerBell Friend Figure Collection [F-Toys]


   Big Bird Volume 4 [Cafe Reo]


   Wing Kit Collection 3 [F-Toys]


   Euro Jet Collection [F-Toys]




May 2010


   Cosmix Figure Collections [Bandai]


   World Tank Museum Series 07 [Takara]



April 2010


    Spider-Man 3 Figure Collection [Bandai]



March 2010


     1/700 JMSDF AEGIS Destroyers [Takara]


     Star Trek Snap-Together Models 3a [Furuta]


     Star Trek Snap-Together Models 3b [Furuta]



February 2010


   Thunderbird Mechanic Collection [F-Toys]



January 2010


     Big Bird Volume 3 [Cafe Reo]


     Big Bird Volume 1 [Cafe Reo]


     Big Bike Collection [F-Toys]


     Star Blazers (Space Battleship Yamato) Mechanical Collection 3 [Zacca P.A.P]


     World Tank Museum Series 09 [Takara]



December 2009


     The Nightmare Before Christmas Collection [F-Toys]


     1/144 Apollo 11 & Saturn V Launch Vehicle [Bandai]


     World Wing Museum 3rd Squadron [Takara]


     Toy Story Real Figure Collection [F-Toys]


     Lilo & Stitch Figure Collection 2 [F-Toys]



November 2009


     Gundam Models [Bandai]


     The Nightmare Before Christmas [Jun Planning]


     Superman Returns Dioramas [Hot Toys]


     1/12 Designers Chair [reac Japan]


     Star Wars 70% BE@R Bricks [Medicom Toy]


     Astro Boy Charms



October 2009


      Twin Engine Aircraft Collection 3 [F-Toys]


      JWings 1: Cold War Era Fighter Collection [Cafe Reo]


      Gamera: Little Braves [Konami]


      Ultimate Monsters 'Ultraman' Collection [Bandai]


      Fender Guitar Collection 2: The Spirit of Rock-n-Roll [F-Toys]



September 2009


      Mononofu IV: Historical Armor Collection [Boford]


      Seaplane Collection [F-Toys]


      Batman Mini Figure Comics Selection [Yamato]


      JWings 4: Navy and Marine Freak Collection [Cafe Reo]


      Ultimate Monsters Godzilla Collection [Bandai]



August 2009


       Star Wars Vehicle Collection 02 [F-Toys]


       Godzilla Complete Works Collection [Bandai]



July 2009


        Master Model New Releases [July 2009]


        Early Jet Collection [F-Toys]



May 2009


        Star Trek Fleet Collection [F-Toys]



April 2009


        World Air Museum Collection [Furuta]



March 2009


        Wing Kit Collection 02 [F-Toys]


        Motor Tank Collection 02 [F-Toys]


        Master Model New Releases [March 2009]



January 2009


        Star Wars Vehicle Collection [F-Toys]



November 2008


        1/144 German U-Boat Type VII-C [Targa]


        Ray Harryhausen Hollywood Movie Monsters [Furuta]


        JWings 3: Vietnam War Fighters Collection [Cafe Reo]



October 2008


        Star Trek Federation and Alien Collection Vol. 2 [Furuta]


        Wings of the Luftwaffe 03 [Takara]



June 2008


       The Warship Collection [Furuta]