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Cosmix Figure Collections

Make room for these super sexy heroines from Gundam Seed Destiny. Each beautifully sculpted figure stand 7" tall and come vibrantly painted. Whether you're a Gundam lover or just tired of looking at robots, these girls in their cute outfits will make you fall in love. Simple snap assembly required.

Cosmix Figure Collection Retail  
BAN048  (01) Lacus Clyne $9.95 Images
BAN049  (02) Lunamaria Hawke $9.95 Images
BAN050  (03) Meer Campbell $9.95 Images
BAN051  (04) Meyrin Hawke $9.95 Images


Cosmix Figure Collection 2 Retail  
BAN053  (01) Lacus Clyne $9.95 Images
BAN054  (02) Stella Loussier $9.95 Images
BAN055  (03) Flay Allster $9.95 Images
BAN056  (04) Meyrin Hawke $9.95 Images