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Disney/Pixar Cars Collection

Bring to life the lovable personalities from Disney Pixar's hit film Cars. From the young Hot Shot "Lightning McQueen" to the Big Hearted "Mater" each Character is beautifully sculpted and fully painted with a level of detail that would will put a smile on your face. Wait! there's more: Each car has a pullback transmission so they can move!

Disney Cars Collection Retail  
FTC238  (01) Lightning McQueen $7.95 Images
FTC239  (02) Mater $7.95 Images
FTC240  (03) The King $7.95 Images
FTC241  (04) Doc Hudson $7.95 Images
FTC242  (05) Sheriff $7.95 Images
FTC243  (06) Sally $7.95 Images
FTC244  (07) Luigi $7.95 Images