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Gundam Trading Figures

Bandai from Japan presents Gundam fanatics an ENORMOUS range of Trading Figures! Depending on the collection each figure measure approximately 1-2 inches tall and come fully painted. Each trading figure display includes 9 to 15 figures blind packaged. With a little creativity store owners can make finding the right figure a unique and fun experience!

Gundam Collections Retail/Figure QTY
BAN134042  Gundam Collection Neo 1 (15 Figures/Display) $3.95 Images  
BAN143431  Gundam Collection Neo 4 (15 Figures/Display) $4.95 Images  
BAN145361  Gundam Collection DX 5 (9 Figures/Display) $6.95 Images  
BAN146746  Gundam Collection Neo 5 (15 Figures/Display) $3.95 Images  
BAN148509  Gundam Collection DX 6 (9 Figures/Display) $6.95 Images  
BAN150020  Gundam Collection 00 (12 Figures/Display) $4.95 Images  
BAN161561  Gundam Collection DX 9 (12 Figures/Display) $8.95 Images  
BAN2010416  Gundam Collection Complex (12 Figures/Display) $6.95 Images  
BAN502162  H.G.C.O.R.E. Mobile Suit Gundam (12 Figures/Disp) $7.95 Images  

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