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Star Wars Vehicle Collection 3

Attention ALL Star Wars fans! F-Toys presents 6 Brand NEW 1/144 Star Wars Vehicles. Each model is beautifully hand-painted and sculpted in a level of detail that is out of this world! Best of all these ships are in the exact same scale as all their previous collections. Wait! there's more, many of these ships have little hidden surprises that will leave you drooling.

Star Wars Vehicle Collection 3 Retail  
FTC246  1/144 (01) X-Wing Fighter (Red-2) $11.95 Images
FTC247  1/144 (02) A-Wing Starfighter $11.95 Images
FTC248  1/144 (03) B-Wing Starfighter $11.95 Images
FTC249  1/144 (04) Trade Federation AAT (Armored Assault Tank) $11.95 Images
FTC250  1/144 (05) Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter w/ Hyperdrive Ring $11.95 Images
FTC251  1/144 (S) TIE Interceptor $11.95 Images

FTC248  1/144 (03) B-Wing Starfighter

FTC251  1/144 (S) TIE Interceptor