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Star Wars Vehicle Collection 2

Get Ready. F-Toys from Japan has just released 6 brand new 1/144 Star Wars Vehicles. Each model is beautifully pre-painted and boasts an unreal level of detail that will satisfy any Star Wars fan. Also included is an innovative display stand that allows an unlimited number of display formations.

Star Wars Vehicle Collection 2


FTC089  1/144 (01) AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) $11.95 Images
FTC090  1/144 (02) Snowspeeders (2) $11.95 Images
FTC091  1/144 (03) Y-Wing Starfighter $11.95 Images
FTC092  1/144 (04) TIE Advanced w/ Darth Vader $11.95 Images
FTC093  1/144 (05) AT-TE (All Terrain Tactical Enforcer) $11.95 Images
FTC094  1/144 (S) Y-Wing Starfighter w/ Body Shell $11.95 Images

FTC089  AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport)

FTC093  AT-TE (All Terrain Tactical Enforcer)