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F-Toys Star Trek Fleet Collection

F-Toys recreates six legendary Star Trek Fleet Ships just in time for the May 2009 Release of the new movie "Star Trek". Each ship is beautifully pre-painted, mostly pre-assembled, and unbelievably detailed. In addition each display stand allows for many different types of display configurations. This is a highly anticipated collection


F-Toys Confect.    
Star Trek Fleet Collection    
FTC065  1/5000 (01) USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D $11.95 Images
FTC066  1/2500 (02) USS Enterprise NX-01 $11.95 Images
FTC067  1/2500 (03) USS Enterprise NCC-1701 $11.95 Images
FTC068  1/2500 (04) USS Defiant NX-74205 $11.95 Images
FTC069  1/2500 (05) USS Enterprise NCC-1701 [Refit] $11.95 Images
FTC070  1/2500 (S) USS Enterprise NX-01 Mirror Universe $11.95 Images