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Federation and Alien Ship Collection Vol. 3b

Furuta from Japan presents an incredible collection of 5 Star Trek Federation and Alien ships. Each ship measure approximately 3-inches and molded in a level of detail that is just out of this world! The entire collection is fully pre-painted and require simple snap assembly. Each ship also comes with a custom display stand. (see images)

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Note: Each set consists of 2 each of the ships listed below

Furuta Retail  
Federation and Alien Ships Collection Vol. 3b    
FRT036  (b1) 3 Inch USS Enterprise NCC-1701 $9.95 Images
FRT037  (b2) 3 Inch USS Pasteur NCC-58925 $9.95 Images
FRT038  (b3) 3 Inch USS Rio Grande NCC-72452 $9.95 Images
FRT039  (b4) 3 Inch Kazon Raider $9.95 Images
FRT040  (b5) 3 Inch Borg Cube $9.95 Images

USS Rio Grande NCC-72452