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Euro Jet Collection

F-Toys has done it again with a dazzling new collection of modern European Fighters in 1/144 scale. The lineup features 3 incredible subject choices: the Eurofighter Typhoon, the Dessault Mirage 2000, and the Panavia Tornado. Each fighter is beautifully pre-painted, highly accurate, and boast a superb level of detail.

Euro Jet Collection Retail  
FTC214  1/144 (1a) Eurofighter Typhoon (RAF) $11.95 Images
FTC215  1/144 (1b) Eurofighter Typhoon (Prototype) $11.95 Images
FTC216  1/144 (1c) Eurofighter Typhoon (Royal Saudi Air Force) $11.95 Images
FTC218  1/144 (2a) Dessault Mirage 2000 (French Air Force) $11.95 Images
FTC219  1/144 (2b) Dessault Mirage 2000 (Taiwan) $11.95 Images
FTC220  1/144 (2c) Dessault Mirage 2000 (Peruvian Air Force) $11.95 Images
FTC222  1/144 (3a) Panavia Tornado (RAF 617 Squadron) $11.95 Images
FTC223  1/144 (3b) Panavia Tornado (RAF 31st Squadron) $11.95 Images
FTC224  1/144 (3c) Panavia Tornado (Royal Saudi Air Force) $11.95 Images