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Toy Story Real Figure Collection

This Christmas, celebrate with a set of (5) beautifully designed & finished collectible Disney's Toy Story figures from F-Toys. From Buzz to Woody to the Little Green Men, each one will surprise and delight any Disney lover. Every figure measures 4-5 inches and has its own set of movable joints for endless display possibilities and recreating scenes from the movie! (Zurg even has wheels!)

F-Toys Confect. Retail  
Toy Story Real Figure Collection    
FTC168  (01) Woody $8.95 Images
FTC169  (02) Buzz Lightyear $8.95 Images
FTC170  (03) Jessie $8.95 Images
FTC171  (04) Emperor Zurg $8.95 Images
FTC172  (05) Little Green Men (2) $8.95 Images