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F-Toys 1/144 Early Jet Collection

F-Toys from Japan brings you this awesome collection of early jets centered around aircrafts that pioneered jet aviation and effectively pushing mankind into the jet age. Each plane is beautifully pre-painted, mostly pre-assembled, and unbelievably detailed. In addition each display stand allows for many different types of display configurations.

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F-Toys Confect.


Early Jet Collection    
FTC095  1/144 (1a) Soviet MiG-15bis $10.95 Images
FTC096  1/144 (1b) Chinese MiG-15bis $10.95 Images
FTC098  1/144 (2a) Messerschmitt Me262A $10.95 Images
FTC099  1/144 (2b) Messerschmitt Me262A $10.95 Images
FTC101  1/144 (3a) Messerschmitt Me 262B $10.95 Images
FTC102  1/144 (3b) Messerschmitt Me 262B $10.95 Images
FTC103  1/144 (4a) RAF Gloster Meteor F.1  $10.95 Images
FTC105  1/144 (5a) Heinkel He 162A w/ V1 Rocket $10.95 Images
FTC107  1/144 (6a) IJN Nakajima J8N1 Kikka $10.95 Images