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Ultimate Monsters Ultraman Collection

Get ready for this extremely rare Ultraman collection from Bandai consisting of Ultraman and some highly creative monsters that he fought on television. Each vinyl figure stand about 6 inches tall and comes beautifully painted. This collection will certain thrill monster lovers and Ultraman fans alike!

Ultimate Monsters Ultraman Retail  
BAN019  (01) Gomora $10.95 Images
BAN020  (02) Alien Baltan (II) $10.95 Images
BAN021  (03) King Joe $10.95 Images
BAN022  (04) Alien Nackle $10.95 Images
BAN023  (05) Vakishim $10.95 Images
BAN024  (06) Ultraman & Ultraseven $10.95 Images

BAN023  (05) Vakishim

BAN019  (01) Gomora