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Note: each set consists of 1 each of the Star Trek ships


Star Trek: Federation and Alien Ships Collection Vol. 2

This is a extremely RARE collection of Star Trek Federation and Alien Ships by Furuta in 2004. Each ship is beautifully painted, extraordinarily detailed, and comes in 4-5 pieces for easy snap together assembly. This collection is sure to delight any Trekkie!

Federation and Alien Ships Collection Vol. 2 Retail  
FRT042  (12) 5 Inch USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B $10.95 Images
FRT043  (13) 5 Inch USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C $10.95 Images
FRT045  (15) 5 Inch USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D (Third Nacelle) $10.95 Images
FRT048  (18) 5 Inch USS Prometheus NX-59650 $10.95 Images
FRT049  (19) 5 Inch Jem Hadar Attack Ship $10.95 Images
FRT050  (20) 5 Inch Ferengi Marauder $10.95 Images
FRT030  (06) 5 Inch Deep Space Nine $11.95 Images
FRT029  (10) 5 Inch Galor-Class Cardassian Warship $11.95 Images