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Gamera: Little Braves Collection

Gamera, the giant flying, fire breathing tortoise that captivated audiences worldwide along with Godzilla during the golden age of monsters, is beautifully recreated in this rare collection by Konami. Each 3-5 inch figure is masterfully sculpted and meticulously painted for a finish that would please any collector. This collection features Gamera and its enemies from the 2006 movie Gamera: the Little Braves.

  Konami Retail  
  Gamera: Little Braves    
  KON001  (01) Gamera $11.95 Images
  KON002  (02) Zedus $11.95 Images
  KON003  (03) Avant Gamera $11.95 Images
  KON004  (04) Original Gyaos $11.95 Images
  KON005  (05) Toto $11.95 Images
  KON006  (06) Red Gamera $11.95 Images

KON002  (02) Zedus

KON006  (06) Red Gamera