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Note: each set consists of 1 each of the seaplanes shown below


F-Toys Seaplane Collection

Make room for this EXTREMELY RARE Seaplane collection released by F-toys back in 2005! This collection celebrates the golden age of seaplanes with 12 original subjects rarely seen 1/144 scale. From the Italian Macchi M.33 that competed for the legendary Schneider Trophy to the Grumman Goose each seaplane is vibrantly pre-painted and highly accurate.

Seaplane Collection Retail  
FTC129  1/144 (1a) IJN Mitsubishi F1M Pete (Early) $10.95 Images
FTC130  1/144 (1b) IJN Mitsubishi F1M Pete (Kamikawa Maru) $10.95 Images
FTC132  1/144 (2a) Grumman JRF-5 Goose (US Coast Guard) $10.95 Images
FTC133  1/144 (2b) Grumman JRF-5 Goose (JMSDF) $10.95 Images
FTC135  1/144 (3a) Macchi M.33 (1925 Schneider Trophy Race) $10.95 Images
FTC136  1/144 (3b) Macchi M.33 (Italian Air Force Trainer) $10.95 Images
FTC138  1/144 (4a) Macchi MC.72 (MM18 1934 World Record) $10.95 Images
FTC139  1/144 (4b) Macchi MC.72 (MM177 1933 World Record) $10.95 Images

FTC132  1/144 (2a) Grumman JRF-5 Goose (US Coast Guard)

FTC139  1/144 (4b) Macchi MC.72 (MM177 1933) Includes Figures