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Space Battleship Yamato (Star Blazers)

Mechanical Collection 3

Ring in the New Year with this rare Star Blazers collection by Zacca P.A.P. From the majestic Argo to the Astro FIghters each piece is beautifully hand-painted and comes with a transparent base that can fit multiple ships to create any fleet formation. The capital ships measure about 5-6 inches and the fighters measure about 1 inch in length. Minor finishing assembly required.

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Zacca P.A.P Retail  
Space Battleship Yamato Mechanical Collection 3    
ZAC022  (01) EDF Yamato (Argo) $8.95 Images
ZAC023  (02) EDF Battleship $8.95 Images
ZAC024  (03) EDF Cruiser $8.95 Images
ZAC025  (04) EDF Patrol Cruiser & EDF Modular Transport $8.95 Images
ZAC026  (05) EDF Torpedo Destroyers (3) $8.95 Images
ZAC027  (06) Astro Fighters (Cosmo Tiger II) (5) $8.95 Images
ZAC028  (07) Electra Bombers (4) w/ Cosmo Zero $8.95 Images
ZAC029  (08) Medical Evacuation Vessel Group $8.95 Images
ZAC030  (09) EDF Cruiser (Battle Damaged) $8.95 Images
ZAC031  (10) EDF Battleship (Battle Damaged) $8.95 Images