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Note: each set consists of 1 each of the motorcycles listed below


Big Bike Collection

1/24 Vintage Bike Museum

This exceptional 1/24 scale vintage bike collection from F-Toys will leave your senses trailing in disbelief at the stunning level of detail. From the Honda's CB750 KO to Suzuki's GT750 each model is beautifully painted with minimal snap together assembly.

F-Toys Confect. Retail  
Big Bike Collection    
FTC195  1/24 (1a) Honda CB750 KO (Candy Ruby Red) $9.95 Images
FTC196  1/24 (1b) Honda CB750 KO (Candy Blue Green) $9.95 Images
FTC198  1/24 (2a) Kawasaki 500-SS Mach III (Candytone Red) $9.95 Images
FTC199  1/24 (2b) Kawasaki 500-SS Mach III (Peacock Gray) $9.95 Images
FTC201  1/24 (3a) Yamaha XS-1 (Candy Green) $9.95  
FTC202  1/24 (3b) Yamaha XS-1 (Candy Orange) $9.95  
FTC204  1/24 (4a) Suzuki GT750 (Yellow Ochre) $9.95 Images
FTC205  1/24 (4b) Suzuki GT750 (Bright Red) $9.95 Images