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JWings 1: Cold War Era Fighters

JWings 1 presents an unprecedented collection of 1/144 fighters that determined the political future of nations during the Cold War. As tensions between nations pushed the world closer to another catastrophic war so too was the importance of air superiority. From A-1 Skyraider to the F-14 Tomcat each fighter is beautifully painted and comes almost entirely assembled.

JWings 1 Collection: Cold War Era  Retail  
CFR052  1/144 (01) Douglas A-4F Skyhawk (Blue Angels) $11.95 Images
CFR053  1/144 (02) Douglas A-4E Skyhawk (VC-5) $11.95 Images
CFR054  1/144 (03) Douglas A-1H Skyraider (VA-25) USS Midway $11.95 Images
CFR055  1/144 (04) Douglas A-1J Skyraider (56th SOW 602nd SOS) $11.95 Images
CFR056  1/144 (05) Sukhoi Su-37 Flanker (Prototype) $11.95 Images
CFR057  1/144 (06) Sukhoi Su-37 Flanker (US Marines) $11.95 Images
CFR058  1/144 (07) Grumman F-14A Tomcat (VF-84) USS Nimitz $11.95 Images
CFR059  1/144 (08) Grumman F-14A Tomcat (VF-154) $11.95 Images
CFR060  1/144 (09) McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II $11.95 Images
CFR061  1/144 (10) McDonnell Douglas F-4EJ Phantom II (JASDF) $11.95 Images