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Batman Mini Figure Comics Selection

Brace yourself for this AWESOME collection of Batman  figures by Yamato! The collection includes Batman, Robin, and some of the most notorious villains that ever terrorized Gotham City. Each beautifully pre-painted figure stands 3-4 inches tall on top of the trademark bat-signal base.

Batman Mini Figure Comics Selection Retail  
YAM001  (01) Batman A (Blue Cape) $8.95 Images
YAM002  (02) Batman B (Black Cape) $8.95 Images
YAM003  (03) Robin $8.95 Images
YAM004  (04) Harley Quinn $8.95 Images
YAM005  (05) The Joker $8.95 Images
YAM006  (06) Penguin $8.95 Images
YAM007  (07) Poison Ivy $8.95 Images

YAM003  (03) Robin

YAM004  (04) Harley Quinn