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1/12 Designers Chair

reac Japan presents miniature lovers a ton of new design possibilities with this beautiful collection of timeless modern design chairs that inspired generations. From Charles and Ray Eames' classic LCM to George Nelson's Marshmallow Sofa each chair is beautifully finished down to the very last detail. The entire collection includes 6 volumes and over 50 chairs, each created precisely to 1/12 scale.

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*each volume comes with exactly 1 of each chair from that collection (individually labeled)

reac Japan Retail   QTY
REC000  1/12 Designers Chair Volume 1 Display (9pcs/Display) $13.95 Each Images  
REC010  1/12 Designers Chair Volume 2 Display (9pcs/Display) $13.95 Each Images  
REC020  1/12 Designers Chair Volume 3 Display (9pcs/Display) $13.95 Each Images  
REC030  1/12 Designers Chair Volume 4 Display (6pcs/Display) $22.95 Each Images  
REC040  1/12 Designers Chair Volume 5 Display (9pcs/Display) $13.95 Each Images  
REC050  1/12 Designers Chair Volume 6 Display (6pcs/Display) $22.95 Each Images  
REC060  1/12 Designers Chair Limited Color Vol. 2 (6pcs/Display) $22.95 Each Images