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Spider-Man 3 Figure Collection

Bandai from Japan presents this superb Spider-Man 3 collection bringing Spiderman and his evil nemesis back to life in miniature. Each PVC figure measure 3 inches tall and is created to the highest quality that will make this a must-have for any Spiderman fan. From the embossed web on Spidy's suit down to Sand Man's tree like texture, no detail is spared!

Spider-Man 3 Figure Collection Retail  
BAN026  (01) Spider-Man A $6.95 Images
BAN027  (02) New Goblin $6.95 Images
BAN028  (03) Black Spider-Man $6.95 Images
BAN029  (04) Venom A $6.95 Images
BAN030  (05) Spider-Man B $6.95 Images
BAN031  (06) Sandman $6.95 Images
BAN032  (07) Venom B $6.95 Images
BAN033  (S) Spider-Man (Damaged) $6.95 Images