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Star Wars BE@R BRICK

MediCom, the Japanese toy maker famous for their BE@R Bricks presents Star Wars fans with a remarkable collection featuring 16 Star Wars characters from C3PO to Darth Vader to Boba Fett. Originally these 70% BE@R Bricks were used by PEPSI to promote Pepsi NEX in Japan. These are highly collectable and will delight any Star Wars fan!

Each BE@R measures 2-inches tall, comes with a keychain clip (as shown below) and packaged in a clear cellophane peg able bag.

Medicom Toy Retail  
Star Wars 70% BE@R Brick    
MED001  (01) Darth Vader $4.95 Images
MED002  (02) Darth Maul $4.95 Images
MED003  (03) Stormtrooper $4.95 Images
MED004  (04) Boba Fett $4.95 Images
MED005  (05) Jango Fett $4.95 Images
MED006  (06) TIE Fighter Pilot $4.95 Images
MED007  (07) Jawa $4.95 Images
MED008  (08) Imperial Logo $4.95 Images
MED009  (09) Yoda $4.95 Images
MED010  (10) C-3PO $4.95 Images
MED011  (11) R2-D2 $4.95 Images
MED012  (12) Chewbacca $4.95 Images
MED013  (13) Wicket $4.95 Images
MED014  (14) Clone Trooper [Ep II] $4.95 Images
MED015  (15) Clone Trooper [Ep III] $4.95 Images
MED016  (16) Rebel Alliance Logo $4.95 Images