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Nightmare Before Christmas

'The Cut' Dioramas

With the Holidays fast approaching JUN Planning from Japan presents Nightmare Before Christmas lovers something extraordinary to celebrate. Each 'Cut' diorama is a beautifully recreated scene from the movie. From Jack's Laboratory to the skeletons on the Hanging Tree EVERY little detail is finely sculpted and masterfully painted for a museum finish!

Product Information

Retail Price: $21.95 each (40% wholesale discount)

Size: approx. 5-6 inches tall

Packaging: Peggable Window Box packaging


Description Retail   Set QTY
JUN031  (01) Jack's Lab $21.95 Images 2
JUN032  (02) Sally $21.95 Images 2
JUN033  (03) Dr. Finkelstein's Partner $21.95 Images 1
JUN034  (04) Graveyard Gate $21.95 Images 1
JUN035  (05) Hanging Tree $21.95 Images 1
JUN036  (06) Zero and Doghouse $21.95 Images 1