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GSI Creos: Mr. Metal Color

June 2013



Do you constantly get asked by anxious modelers when you will have more of Gunze's excellent Mr. Hobby line back in stock? Is your Gunze paint rack filled with holes from not being able to restock the supplies you need? Well, fear no more, because we are bringing back the complete Gunze Sangyo line! Each month we will build our selection with favorites like Mr. Surfacer, Mr. Leveling Thinner, Mr. Dissolved Putty, Gundam Markers and much much more!


Do you need a Gunze Paint Rack?

The Gunze Paint Rack is modular, if you buy enough product to fill up a specific section of the line, then you will get that section rack absolutely free!


Click Here for the complete Gunze Mr. Hobby List available for pre-order


Mr. Metal Color

Retail: $3.95/bottle

In Stock & Ready to Ship


Mr. Metal Color Retail   QTY
GZMC211  Mr. Metal Color Chrome Silver 10ml (6pcs/Box) $3.95 ea Images  
GZMC212  Mr. Metal Color Iron 10ml (6pcs/Box) $3.95 ea Images  
GZMC213  Mr. Metal Color Stainless Steel 10ml (6pcs/Box) $3.95 ea Images  
GZMC214  Mr. Metal Color Dark Iron 10ml (6pcs/Box) $3.95 ea Images  
GZMC215  Mr. Metal Color Copper 10ml (6pcs/Box) $3.95 ea Images  
GZMC216  Mr. Metal Color Bronze 10ml (6pcs/Box) $3.95 ea Images  
GZMC217  Mr. Metal Color Gold 10ml (6pcs/Box) $3.95 ea Images  
GZMC218  Mr. Metal Color Aluminium 10ml (6pcs/Box) $3.95 ea Images  
GZMC219  Mr. Metal Color Brass 10ml (6pcs/Box) $3.95 ea Images  

NCA51410 Alien 9" Action Figure


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