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My Neighbor Totoro

May 2012



Japanese Iwako erasers are one of the HOTTEST products to hit the US toy market in decades! From ultra-cute Hamsters to super sweet ice-cream sundaes every Iwako eraser is thoughtfully designed and produced in-house for a beautiful, colorful, finish! From hamsters to koala bears these baby animal erasers are just too cute to actually use! Each animal comes in dozens of color combinations and hold some unexpected surprises. With a bit of imagination the uses for these are virtually endless; from party planning to wedding invitations to back-to-school... Of course the best part is that every eraser retails for just $1!


Let us be your #1 source for authentic Iwako erasers!


Measurements: Erasers measure approx 1"

Packaging: Each eraser is packaged for individual resell; see display box

Suggested Retail: $1.00 Retail/ Eraser


Iwako Erasers (Animals) Retail   QTY
IWA030  Hamster Eraser Collection (60pcs/Display)


IWA070  Fortune Cat Eraser Collection (60pcs/Display) $60.00 Images  
IWA060  Zoo Animals Eraser Collection (60pcs/Display) $60.00 Images  
IWA050  Jungle Animals Eraser Collection (60pcs/Display) $60.00 Images  
IWA040  Panda Bear Eraser Collection (60pcs/Display) $60.00 Images  
IWA100  Hedgehog Eraser Collection (60pcs/Display) $60.00 Images  
IWA080  Safari Animal Eraser Collection (60pcs/Display) $60.00 Images  
IWA090  Insect Eraser Collection (60pcs/Display) $60.00 Images  
IWA000  Teddy Bears, Bunnies & Puppies (60pcs/Display) $60.00 Images  
IWA010  Marine Life Eraser Collection (60pcs/Display) $60.00 Images  
IWA020  Ducks & Frogs Eraser Collection (60pcs/Display) $60.00 Images  

 STG070  My Neighbor Totoro Figure Collection (10pcs/Set)


STG010  My Neighbor Totoro Charms (18pcs/Set)


STG040  My Neighbor Totoro Charms (17pcs/Set)


STG030  My Neighbor Totoro Charms Vol. 2 (12pcs/Set)


STG080  My Neighbor Totoro Floral Straps (8pcs/Set)


Attractive Display Box


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