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Mario Kart Pull Back Racers

December 2011



Buckle up tightly as we race this extraordinary collection of Mario Kart Pullback racers by Tomy! Just pull them back and watch them fly, it's almost as fun as the video game itself. Race them, crash them, collect them; pretty soon the only thing you will be hearing is "Mama-Mia" There are 9 different racers to choose from and each one is highly detailed and beautifully painted for a finish that will delight any Mario fan. With the holidays fast approaching these racers are going to make unforgettable stocking stuffers!


Measurements: Racer measure approx 2"

Price: $6.95 Retail/Racer


2 Packaging Choices (Please specify when ordering) -- 9 different racers

(a) 18pcs/display fully labeled with item number & item description (Gacha Ball)

(b) 18pcs/display blind packaging (Gacha Ball)

Scroll Below for Images


Mario Kart Pullback Racers Retail  
NIN011  (01) Mario Kart $6.95 Images
NIN012  (02) Luigi Kart $6.95 Images
NIN013  (03) Peach Kart $6.95 Images
NIN014  (04) Yoshi Kart $6.95 Images
NIN015  (05) Mario Bike $6.95 Images
NIN016  (06) Toad Kart $6.95 Images
NIN017  (07) Peach Bike $6.95 Images
NIN018  (08) Donkey Kong Kart $6.95 Images
NIN019  (09) Luigi Bike $6.95 Images

Collect all 9




NIN016  (06) Toad Kart


NIN013  (03) Princess Peach Kart


NIN018  (08) Donkey Kong Kart


NIN019  (09) Luigi Bike


NIN014  (04) Yoshi Kart


NIN011  (01) Mario Kart


Eye Catching Counter Top Display Box (18pcs/Display)


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