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Disney Pixar Figure Collection

August 2011



What does Toy Story, Monster Inc., and Finding Nemo all have in common?... They're all heartwarming tales beautifully told through animation by Disney Pixar. Furuta from Japan presents an exceptional collection featuring the main characters from each of those movie. From Woody to Sulley to Nemo each figure is masterfully sculpted and vibrantly hand painted down to the last detail. This is a must-have collection for young and old who still believe in the magical world of Disney.



Measurements: Figures measure approx 2" tall

Packaging: Blind (13pcs/Display Box)

Price: $4.95 Retail/Figure


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Disney Pixar Collection Retail  
FRT085  Disney Pixar Collection (13pcs/Display) 4.95 Each Images

Disney Pixar Figure Collection


Woody & Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)


Sulley & Boo (Monsters Inc.)


Nemo & Dory (Finding Nemo)


Rex & Hamm (Toy Story)


Zurg & Jesse (Toy Story)


Aliens (Toy Story)


Blind Box Packaging


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